it’s all in the head.

spot two hairy legs fighting for the stool with me. i don’t have to spell their names out, do i? *laughs* anyways, finished FLIPPING through my MR notes today and i shall start on BB tmr. anyways, teddy made a great joke of himself today and i swear it was damn funny. okay, probably it isn’t THAT funny but at least, it was very, to me. hahaha.

the story goes like this: the cute guy you see in the above picture, was happily playing with my phone and changing his name in my contact list from Teddy to what you see there, Gunesh, feeling so duper smart of himself at that point of time. then, while they were away to the toilet, i received a call from him and i picked it up without realising the change in name. (well, you’d notice the BIG picture first, won’t you?) and so, he tried to talk to me in this Indian slang which i didn’t quite understand why (because i already KNOW it’s him). at the same time, he didn’t quite understand why, also, that i could guess it was him that easily. okay lah, it’s quite a summarized story but that was pretty about all that happened. well, i just thought it was kinda cute. maybe it’d be really funny if you get to hear the entire conversation. imagine how disappointed and foolish he felt then.. *laughs* good try anyways, teddy! ((:

some motivation please.