still trying very hard..

3 cute representatives on the study table today. my schedule nowadays is like so routine already. not that i don’t want to stay at home but HMM, too much distractions man. if i dont switch on my laptop and facebook OR bloghop, i’ll just roam around the flat and head for the bed. lazybum or sleepyhead, choose one but i think i’m both. *laughs*

good things are meant to be shared and so, babe brought us yummy chocolates again today! heh. so sinful but yet so loved. on a random note, i think some people are just so anal. but i shall not comment too much about it. alrights, and i need to stop stalking up on eyecandy. it’s so time consuming. LOL. oops, did i just admit to something publicly? HAHAH, but no worries, i’ve been quite open about it anyways. *winks* time for some rest and MORE MUGGING AWAITS….

please, just stop clicking.