a journey so tough..

BB revision lecture this morning was duper hectic. the lecturer went through the textbook like a bullet train. i was like literally flipping the pages, underlining a few words, flip again, write “WHOLE PAGE”, flip again, draw stars, and the process goes on. *flip flip flip* looks like quite a bit of stuffs to be memorised. good luck to all!

anyways, had more study buddies yesterday, also the 2nd day of intensive revision for me. but yes, more people spells more distractions as well. we spent like a good half an hour playing with photobooth on bernie’s laptop, which explains for the two additional photo albums in my facebook. *laughs* wasn’t productive but i will work harder! ((:

rights, i was the one who suggested photoboothing; since bernie wasn’t around and the laptop was left on the center of our table AND anyways, my system was kinda shut down already. hahaha.

look at teddy man! he was like keeping the same position in the two photos and he looked like those “yoyoyo” type. hahaha. i animated 2 more pairs of photos since they fitted quite well with each other. ((:

here’s another one when we tried to act comic with the “POW”.

and another with our smiles the same. hahah.

dragged the most hardworking and REALLY STUDYING person in our table, valla, to join in our photoboothing. rights, blame me for being a bad friend but i was pretty sure he enjoyed too! (anyways, you cannot imagine studying when on the other side of the table, we’re playing, can you? hahah.)

then we tested and proved a hypothesis – teddy’s face is pretty symmetrical.  *laughs* but he looked duper cute with the small mouth and stuffs. cannot stop laughing.

a normal group shot when bernie was back. (:

and that is how we’d look like if we were to be comic characters!

and we looked so tiny compared to bernie.

a kaka appeared out of nowhere! and everyone’s afraid of it. hahaha.

last but not least, a group photo of hands.. oh well, no personal favourite this time round because i kinda like all the pictures taken. alrights, seems like i needa get back to mugging. but it’s a Saturday! let’s give myself an excuse to rest? ((:

won’t turn my back on you.