great day.

unable to find gossip girl episode 6, i spent my night with ice cream and chuck & larry. *laughs* with that, i cleared 1.4gb of space off my D drive. woke up pretty early today and headed down to school for my planned mugging session. ((:

glaydyswushuyi has officially became my study buddy! shall not call her kmate anymore since we don’t sing as much already. heh, SB is a good name! spent 8 whole hours in the student lounge (yes, i admit i went pretty early to chop a good seat) and i finished writing the 3 chapters of notes for DC! sense of accomplishment. but hopefully i can do more tmr.

oh, and if you didn’t realised, we were taking photos for the sake of the colours. our distinct colours – green and red. hahah. like uber funny when we were separating all the food, pens and other belongings (no matter who they belonged to), keeping all other colours and only placed this two for the art of the shoot.

4 more weeks to short-term freedom.