why don’t you lock me up?

looking at the event floating on my FB calendar.. am damn pissed to be stucked at home right now. like seriously. tried my luck again just now and asked him nicely. well, i do respect his decision BUT i really don’t get what he is so worried about. like, even mummy agreed to what i proposed and gave the green light already.

how can his reason be that i shouldn’t go such places because it doesn’t suit me? then tell me, should i be burying myself in books or lock myself in the library instead? does THAT suit me then? ARGH. i give up arguing because he just doesn’t get my point. i decided to keep all other comments to myself because i hate going against or quarreling with him. but right now, i feel like i need to get out of the house to let off some steam.

seriously, can somebody like change HIS perception on clubs please? not every damn person who goes there are like whatever he thinks. why can’t he just believe that it’s purely a gathering and one-night-of-fun-before-exams session? stop stereotyping; stop assuming.. ARGH. okay, i need to stop whining.

can’t get myself into mugging mode. i need to find a link to watch gossip girl episode 6. maybe it will help brighten up my mood now. hahaha..

advanced comprehension.