what lies ahead?

itchy throat; i hate the cough. it’s irritating me.

sometimes it makes me wonder if i should even tell the truth. because it doesn’t help in any way (other than minimizing my guilt for lying). not that i love to club or attend night activities but i just thought i could go and have some fun before exams with my friends. i could easily lie through my teeth and say i’m going for some birthday parties or whatever shit and just get my ass out of the house and back home the next morning. but well, i decided to be honest again and asked for permission. oh well, since i said asking for permission, i probably shouldn’t be complaining right now about this whole issue huh? i know he’s just being protective of me stepping into those clubs or what he perceives as BAD places but.. *sigh* nevermind, i rest my case. i guess can just stay home and be an obedient mugger.

on a side note, i mugged for a couple of hours today! with babe, zhao ting, bernie and teddy at a duper NOT conducive place called ngee ann canteen 1. but not too bad lah. at least i finished writing 50% of the notes for DC! some achievement and it’s a pretty good start.

maybe next time, i’ll just lie.