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lost in transit.

caught the show with sister on PPS yesterday. the female lead was really really beautiful and the storyline was pretty sweet although things like this will never happen in real life. quite a good catch for a romance comedy which can also make you tear. ((:

OB paper today was terrible, blanked out and had no clues at all how to answer a couple of questions but, i’m glad it’s over. however, was totally braindead after the paper ended and i haven’t been able to do my BB. hopefully the following two days will be productive because i’ve to fight the war on Thursday! one more week to endure…

how can a wrong emotion feels so right?

Of thoughts

will you sacrifice your life for love?

watched Painted Skin on PPS with mummy and sis last night. wasn’t really paying attention to the show initially because i was catching Hot Shot on my laptop at the same time. but after awhile, i just felt that i HAD TO pause my show to concentrate on the former. although the ending was pretty lame, there was this really touching part about the wife’s love for the husband which made me tear. it wasn’t a REALLY awesome show but it’s not too bad a watch (compared to Max Payne).

of Tuesday thoughts..

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