and i asked, “can i take the risk?”

and right after Friday the 13th, we’ve got Saturday the Valentine’s. must be a special day for many, a sad day for some, and any other day for others. *laughs* for me, i’ve been spending the day with my girlfriends since idk-when and it’ll still be the same for this year. as for my babe, i’m sure she’s gonna have a great great day, immersed in this sweetest occasion. and also SOMEONE huh, getting a bouquet of fresh flowers at the doorstep early in the morning. heh!

haha, was playing with the status thingy with babe on FB a couple of days ago and earned quite a handful of comments. lol, but the main point is.. i think FB is really smart. it actually captured the picture and information all by itself. i didn’t know until i saw it on rene’s account and realised how smart but funny they actually phrased the “news”..

althea teng and tsehwee yee are now in a relationship.. *laughs* but they’re open to other possibilities.. *laughs harder* they said they went to school together.. *laughs even harder*

anyways, went ingredients shopping with babe on Thursday morning. checked out phoon huat at jurong first but couldn’t find what she wanted. i’m so glad her aunt offered to send us and she really drove us around. went holland village for another phoon huat branch, lunch and other miscellaneous stuff before we headed for babe’s place. there were TOO many stuffs she bought to bring along to school.

anyways, had lunch at her place and we were like half an hour late for lecture. but that’s not all! was telling her i haven’t finished buying my stuff so we decided to leave at break time and down to IMM for more shopping. hur hur. such fantastic students right? we attended i think about… a third of the lecture?

so yea, with all that, i started my first trial of chocolates making! (:

the process was not difficult, just quite tedious cos i only had 2 useable moulds. and it’s quite time consuming waiting for the chocolates to set. i think i gained a few kilos as i keep tasting and eating while handling them. no worries though, they are all clean and free from my savila. LOL!

the final products! pretty glad they turned out fine but the white chocolates are like telling me “i’m so hot, i’m melting anytime, right in your face” when i take them out of the fridge. packed a couple of packages for selective people and hopefully they liked it. (:

of course, not forgetting my dearest since she’s in the same school as i am! heh. called her up and passed her her share. quite disappointed we ain’t able to go out celebrating together this time round but hopefully we can meet up real soon…

and this pretty big heart is made with love from babe!! *grins* i actually didn’t know what she was baking although we went to shop for ingredients together. how ironic. hahaha. and just as it looks, it’s really delicious! but of cos man.. it’s babe who made it! heh.

she made quite a handful and everyone who’s lucky got them. (:

projects meeting after class for AMCA.

headed to the bazaar while i take a break to look for gladys and fion as they are queueing for palm reading at the master khor’s litte stall. coincidentally, ryan was in front of them so i stood there to eavesdrop on his reading. haha. i’d say all 3 of their readings pretty much summed up their personality accurately.

had the urge to let him do the reading for me too but decided against it because of the duper long queue. seems like interesting to hear people tell you things about yourself just by looking at your hands and palms. i’ve only had my birth characters read but to me.. i’ll only take in the good ones and forget the bad ones. what for harp so much on things that will only make you unhappy? i do believe life’s predestined but i believe, too, that we can change our lives if we want to, accordingly. (:

evening was up at council room sitting in for the logistics meeting as babe was in the team. travelled to town after that to meet up with the rest who just had a whole day of LAN. but our main objective was to give out the madewithlove little gifts lah. hahah.

dinner for them was at fish&co and babe specifically wanted me to blog about how ex the food was. there was only ONE menu for the day and that is it. it costs about 30 bucks per person but i guess it was all quite worth it. were all indecisive about the after-dinner programme; had suggestions from movies, to minds cafe, to bowling, to somebody’s place but in the end, the final decision made was home sweet home. superb funny how much time we wasted discussing and cracking the brains. haha. as usual, thanks berns for the ride home! i didn’t get banged down while i cross the road. (:

new addition to my wallet. HAHAH, madewithlove again from babe. oh gosh, i’m sounding so lesbiany now.guess  i’m not surprised that there are people who thinks our open relationship is real.. *laughs out loud* please, my babe is like so happily attached to a NORMAL GUY can? heh. in any case, i shall start tidying up on the two reports before i get myself out on a date tonight and busy with work the next couple of days. lastly, happy valentine’s day everyone! may your day be filled with LOVE! (:

thank you mr postman.