chancing upon.

i’ve decided to make Tuesdays my self-declared free day from next week onwards. have been attending lectures but seriously cannot concentrate without any notes on hand. and, by staring at the lecturer, i don’t think i gain any knowledge at all. such a waste of time, especially when the lesson’s from like 2-5pm. well, i’m so sure ethics is going to kill me this sem but sigh, guess i’d just have to mug real hard when exams are near. anyways, left during the break today and the only thing i could think of when i reached home was bed. with that, i had another 3 hours of sleep. (:

on a side note, the Supersoaker Clash today went on pretty alright although there were really very few teams who participated. that’s also why the entire event ended way earlier. congrats to SREMPS for coming in 3rd! heh, at least some rewards for joining in the fun.

am planning to get some stuffs done before the weekends but seems like time’s really constrained. was supposed to have a pre-vday meet up with DAZ and post-vday with girlfriends this coming Friday and Sunday but both has been rescheduled. *sighs* it’s getting really hard to go out nowadays as we each get busier with our own things. on a happier note, at least plans on the actual vday shouldn’t have much changes. but, i’d still preferred going to work than going on any dates IF i had a choice.. hahah.

rights, 11 more days to the end of projects part 1. time for work again now. ciaos!