i can do.

followed babe to the Ngee Ann dance room after AMCA class yesterday and i must say i was really impressed. they were practicing for their upcoming dance concert so i had like a free preview to the entire show. i asked a dozen of questions because i was curious and so amazed by some of the steps they took. it was just so artistic, it made me regret a little quitting dance when i was in primary 2 because it’d probably be one of the things i can be proud to say “i can do” now. lols. oh, and i can’t believe i actually never knew that babe was the president of the club in poly days. oh my.

headed down to sentosa after that for the MnP internal gathering. it rained a little on the way but i’m glad it stopped pretty soon. hit the beach and joined in the games as they kinda just started when we reached. glad i didn’t get soaked entirely so cleaning up was so much easier. our venue this time was Beaufort hotel and it was really beautiful. much spacious than our previous one at Amara Sanctuary but didn’t have a chance to take any photos of the place as it was pretty messy by then. hopefully someone did and will see it in FB soon. (:

of photos, actually the one taken on the bus (above) was the only photo i took. maybe a few more shots at the beach with my vivitar and that’s it. hahah. anyways, drinking games started pretty early this time round and i must say i had a lot, almost too much, to drink. as it was still early, had ample time to sober up before i knocked out at the sofa in the morning. hours before that was spent on taboo and i totally enjoyed it!

back home and i slept almost 6 hours accumulated. so much for having guests at home, i didn’t even have the energy to stay awake to entertain them. so thankful that daddy gave me the green light to take a nap. rights, i hate to mention this but the plan to work on projects was, obviously, not carried out at all. i could work on it all day tmr but i couldn’t afford not going to work. so yup, hopefully i can have free time during which i can do what’s necessary..

on a side note, my laptop is so ill now. error messages cannot stop popping up and i have to say, i’m really worried it will just crash and die on me some day. i don’t want to jinx it but i just can’t help worrying. sighs, at least, just tide me till the end of my university days, please.. ):

constantly reminded.