GE virgin?

and so, we’ve been told over the past couple of weeks that “voters, make your votes count. vote wisely. know what you want. know who you are voting for. that is your future and yada yada yada…” i thought i was going to be excited. but no, i realised that i don’t actually think it’s going to affect me much on who the MPs of my GRC are going to be.

however, having said that, i actually hoped that the opposition parties will win several (maybe a-third or even up to half of the 87 82) seats in the parliament just so another voice, other than that of Grandfather Lee, will be heard. whether is it that these seats should be won by the NSP at my side, i’m having my reserves..

anyway, it makes me wonder, what is it that we, Singaporeans, really want and need? people probably am just going to vote for the opposition for the sake of novelty (cos they’ve been suffering walkovers for too long) or just for the sake of opposing. what if these parties do win what they were contesting for but at the end of the day, they can’t match up to what they promised at all? but on the other hand, what if people are going to vote for PAP just because they have a good track record (as they proclaim) and then we all have to live with this monopoly – forever feeling the inequality of the ministers’ pay being an amount we might never get to earn in our whole lives?

yes, we are unhappy about the ridiculous pricing of HDB flats that will cause us to be in debts for the rest of our lives to get one; we are unhappy with the rising cost of living; we are unhappy that we are being flooded with or taken over by the influx of foreigners in the country; we are unhappy for too many things that we have and do not have. but when we are happy? who should we thank for all the developments to Singapore over the years and keeping us safe? yes, the government. people always argue that we should 饮水思源 but somehow, i guess all of us are already taking everything in our possession for granted. and eventually, we just ask for more.

i actually think i’m not making any sense up till this point because i have yet to take my stand on my vote; i kinda only see the negatives of both sides. and to add on, seeing all the excitement with the money from the government which just got credited into our accounts today, i began to wonder: should we be thankful for that as well and get bought over by them? i’m pretty sure many will go “omg, the government is so good to us, give us money, we should just vote for them!” well, think about it, those money probably came from our own pockets and having them “return” to us at this period (note: so near to election day), it kinda feels like a bribe..

sidetrack, i kinda like this “joke” i ripped off @TheRealLeticia’s twitter earlier this morning:

Sir say grow and share package meaning ministers’ paychecks grow and they share a little with you.

i thought i was pretty sure of where my poll will go before i started following all these political news. but as of now, i’m actually in a dilemma at which party to cast my vote. i’ve been speaking to quite a handful of people, probably even expressing myself to be pro-opposition but ironically, as a matter of fact, i am constantly quite turned off by some of their speeches and actions. oh well, i suppose it’s the same both ways.

then again, idk what will be or can be changed by opposing and having our so-called “rights” heard. for that, i won’t deny that i’m still pretty lost at what politics is all about. it’s something that i’ve never bothered to or even thought there was a need to understand. probably too immature for a 23-year-old to think that i can live on just fine not reading news or knowing a thing that’s happening around me..

anyway, at the end of the day, i’m still glad that i’ve a chance to make a choice, although that ONE vote may be of little significance. ultimately, i want to believe that whoever’s going to go “up there” will do whatever is the best for us because they ARE supposed to and  because they PROMISED so. that is WHY they ARE “up there”. and from there, we will see a better future for our precious homeland, SINGAPORE

what about you?