all the maybes.

masked for a day in office and after another day of rest at home, i’m almost all well again. you know, it’s pretty amazing how i always fall really sick and then recover in just a span of 1-2 days. because comparatively, sissy and granny have been coughing for almost the past 2-3 weeks. anyways, i swear just one night of it is enough. the nightmares i get when i’m unwell seems so magnified; it gets so traumatizing that i wake up feeling weak and dehydrated from all the crying. rights, on a side note, i hope granny is doing fine in the hospital. well, at least i feel so much safer knowing she’s being well taken care of over there. totally gave us a big shock when she fainted in the kitchen yesterday. glad we were still at home then because i can’t imagine what would happen if we were all out to work already. sigh. growing old…… i’m a little afraid already.

2 more days!