hello world, i’m finally blogging again. so much for labeling myself as a DAILY blogger huh. anyways, tsehwee is such a happy girl right now because the countdown to the end of project deadline part I has ended almost ended. don’t that above picture just BORE you to the core?? finally done with compiling and editing at about 2.45am and if nothing goes wrong, the report shall be printed, bind, and submitted by tmr! i mean, yes, tmr is the deadline. but the after-compiling part is not much of an issue to me already. LOL.

spent Tuesday at work, as planned. and no, i didn’t regret skipping ethics class because i know it’s going to be fruitless AND it really was. yes, if i get to schedule myself to work this coming Tuesday, i AM going to skip it again. (:

Wednesday was out the entire day with babe, teddy, ZT and bernie. went to shop shop a little but didn’t get anything. I SO NEED A PAIR OF NEW FOOTWEAR! ): browsed through tons of cookbooks while waiting for babe to choose and find the ones she wanted at almost all the bookstores in town. then, ended the day with donuts at J.Co and i swear we were all very exhausted by then. hours of walk.

the entire Thursday was spent in school, lessons in the morning and projects meeting chionging after that. the plan was to complete everything by 10pm that night so that we wouldn’t have to meet today since there’s no school and the bloody report is due tmr. BUT, we they were all pretty much done by 8pm, leaving the rest for me to touch up. because yes, tsehwee has expressed that she can only work well at home. (:

in the middle of discussion, babe started asking charles about cars and yes, as you’d expect, the conversation went on pretty long. the car-lover started explaining the i-will-never-understand chimilogy car stuffs to babe and went on passing those knowledge of his to hers. as if it wasn’t enough, babe asked even more questions and that goes on. i swear i was laughing like crazy beside because it was really hilarious. no, not the imparting of knowledge part BUT, darren’s reaction to it.

we started arguing whose friend was at fault that distracted the both of them from projects to start talking about cars. i think he almost went crazy waiting for charles to get back to the project. but yea, doing projects with them is stressful but it gets fun SOMETIMES too. so long as somebody doesn’t keep agitating me like i stepped on his tail. one more project to go with them and that marks the end of our “partnership”. hahaha. no lah, i wasn’t trying to put this in a bad way. (:

the guys called me after their swimming date and i joined them at macs after my duper late dinner since it was of walking distance. i had a real good laugh over there as well. like seriously, i always like to hear ah ben sharing stories because the way he tells them is so freaking hilarious..

a stolen shot of him for a good purpose. but i shall not reveal who he expressed interest for, from the many many photos in my phone. it was really super funny how my answer is ALWAYS the same when he asked “eh, who is this?” in all the different photos that caught his eye. i was literally shouting the name already because i was sick of repeating the SAME name. like a special girl huh.. *LAUGHS OUT LOUD*

now that i’m quite free, i actually thought of writing ALL the notes i was tagged in FB. but seriously, it’s like accumulated over the days i was busy so there are so many to do right now. *faints* oh and talking about presents, some stranger actually bought me a present. imagine that being my ONLY vday gift. but ironically, i had to reject it because he’s the exact same guy i was wishing will stop pestering me from my previous entries. hur. what a joke huh..

on a random note, i wished, for once, that i existed more than just virtually. like, although i’ve always preferred my virtual life than the real one.. it seems like for some situation, i still hoped everything’s not so virtual. hah. disappointing as it seems, maybe it’s just me. the heart throb was so not meant to be. lols.

PS: i’m sad now because gladys and fion rejected my offer to watch the curious case of benjamin button together. ): but it’s okay, i’m looking forward to tmr because boss promised STEAMBOAT for lunch. i totally can’t wait already. heh.

enjoy life, temporary.