heh, thanks to Budget 2009, i’m finally getting money from the government! *GRINS* at first i thought it was because i’m turning 21 this year. but wu mentioned that there’s this column where students from 7 to 20 are eligible for it as well. same amount somemore. so yea, guess i’m still under the 20-year-old category? haha.

of course i’d sign up to get my share. sounds like some kiasu Singaporean but who doesn’t like money huh.. *laughs* the first option was really attention seeking, makes you wanna click on it. BUT well, i didn’t lah. in fact, i’m quite curious who did click on that. maybe i’m not that kind-hearted enough. i decided to have it credited to my bank account instead. hahah.

anyways, i realised i haven’t been watching movies lately! erm okay lah, the previous was on.. the Sunday a week ago. and that’s damn long ago lah. imagine we used to watch one or two movies every week. now i’m having a list on what i want to watch, again..

  • the curious case of benjamin button
  • new in town
  • the pink panther 2
  • k-20
  • my bloody valentine
  • role models
  • watchmen
  • street fighter: the legend of chun-li
  • dragonball evolution
  • confessions of a shopaholic

normally, i don’t get to fulfil my to-watch lists. but this long long list goes on until mid-March already. i guess i can be positive about getting people to watch with me? hmms. at least for the first, WU, we’re catching it, right? but sighs, don’t seem to be able to squeeze out anytime this week… ):

alrights, time to prepare for work. shh.. don’t tell anyone i’m skipping ethics class today.. LOL.

nothing for small notes today!