it’s about time.

spent the valentine’s night KTV-ing at chevrons. the company was kinda a random mix. and i mean, REALLY random. *laughs* of cos, had my two darlings whom i celebrated my last Vday with too. yes, the same two who didn’t allow me to go to work. okay, sorry i’m still harping on that. LOL. in any case, it was fairly well spent although it just feels like any other normal day.

initial plan was halo bar with the two darlings but we realised it’s really costly for just 3 persons, and decided to jio more. *laughs* only managed to get mike who’s really ON so i suggested to him to book chevrons instead. but look what we got man.. a HUGE room for 12 for just the 4 of us. haha. but not too bad, at the last minute, a couple of people decided to join us. heh.

the buy-2-get-1-free deal is like always on.

the first couple came.

followed by the second.

and i especially love this photo where gladys give the “I HATE FLASH!” look. really adorable, ain’t she? heh. she’s tall. and pretty. and single. and available. and she’s perfect girlfriend material. LOL. nopes, she didn’t pay me for advertising. should i ask her for it? *looks at gladys* heh.

and was this the effect we wanted? i can’t rmb cos i deleted the picture from the camera. haha.

with ferlyna babe.

with my pretty sis. blood ties. (:

one of my favourite shots of the day. (:

girls of the night.

guys of the night, minus hsuan who joined us damn late.

what to say, i’m so glad most of my friends know one another, even from different groups. guess that’s the power of my blog, facebook and me me me! *grins* because i always talk to a group of friends about another group and vice versa. it’s so convenient. like, you don’t have to use “my friend this.. my friend that.” just use their name and *snap* they immediately know who you’re talking about. HEH.

and that’s the “BEST” sister you can ever get….

last but not least, thank you driverwu! heh. we had to leave early because she’s already looking so tired. although we didn’t spend the day having our very own girls’ talk and stuff, i still loved the company. thank you darlings for always being there.. you both are my best gifts from heaven! i’m serious. (:

the following day was off to work to prevent myself from rotting away. had some home-made buns from the little kitchen and i had like 5 of it BEFORE my entire plate of spaghetti for lunch. i swear they made me bloated the whole day.

got forced to eat the two different types of ice cream later in the day. the left from our own kitchen and the right from mr bean. like omg, i can feel the level at my throat already. but oh, i have to say that mr bean’s soya ice cream really got that soya taste and i’m glad i’ve always wanted but NEVER bought it from the stalls. in short, i don’t like it.

that’s what happens when you have too much things on mind. it totally slipped off my mind that these poor breads are in the oven until the wonderful chao-ta smell brought me to them. okay la, not the first time already. it just happens. lols. so off they go, down the rubbish chute. tsktsktsk. wastage….

and this, is the neighbour connection i’ve been talking about! see how strong the signal is! i’m so going to ask them if i could leech their connection one of these days. sigh, and if i’d done it yesterday, i’d have saved myself from being so pissed the previous night. long story of how miscommunication and irresponsibility of some people spoilt my perfect plans for today and tmr. but in any case, not that important already. thanks to all who entertained my ranting last night. i’m sorry for flooding your conversation windows. HEH. (:

changed my plans for the day from squash, print notes & school to projects, assignments, reports & home. anyways, it kinda seemed like working is clashing with quite a handful of items on my agenda. guess i really ain’t good at managing my time. now i’m in a dilemma on which to give up and what the opportunity costs are. *sighs* i think keith is right, i suck at prioritizing.

i woke up to a message. it’s actually nothing sad but idk why it just hurts within. so much that tears started flowing uncontrollably. hmm. let that be the final time i shall cry for i’m glad i could smile thereafter. and i guess it’s about time my lies and acting stop. because the tail of the comma has already been erased to become a fullstop for real now. thank YOU for everything! (: