just as it seems.

after morning class yesterday was the planned movie date with the girls. well, was that considered a belated celebration for completing one project? yea, so many more to go yet we’re still procrastinating. probably time to start soon, when all of us are out of that comfy zone of ours. or maybe, just maybe, history of our 2-3 days rushing for deadline will repeat itself. *laughs*

the 3 pairs that formed a team, with isabel looking really lonely. heh. cheryl went clubbing the night before so she skipped morning lecture! tsktsktsk. but no doubt, she met us for movie still, at MS. (:

seemed like a movie week but both movie i watched this week were all in the theatres for quite some time already. anyways, we caught that english/hindi show which i thought was supposed to be a comedy. some parts of it still were although i think it’s more like a dramatic show. it’s kinda heart-warming at the parts where they show the lives of the kids and people in mumbai. really makes people go “awwww…”

headed off to work after that since boss needed help. it was pretty lame actually to just work for 2 hours. but since i was like around that area, about a 10-min walk away, i agreed to drop by. thinking about it, i’ll just treat it as earning back the money i spent on the movie. hahah.

went down to bugis for a little walk and made an appointment at the salon after class today. i was quite amazed i’ve actually not noticed the place before although it’s just right there, at the building which i always pass by when i go to work. it’s pretty big and classy, which honestly frightened me a little just by walking in and having the whole row of their crew staring at me. oh well, hopefully it will be good. *keeping my fingers crossed*

made my way to work again thereafter. everything was great except that i had a couple of incidents with my hands. knocked them all around, filling myself with cuts and bruises.. on a side note, i can’t wait for tmr to come because it’s PAY DAY! *grins* i think it’s going to be a good amount. and and and the $200 from ah gong is also coming in this couple of days! heh, i can see the bill for doing my hair on Tuesday being settled already. (:

go on.