kindness, bring it on!

i think the little girl on the Singapore Kindness Movement TVC is uber adorable. the innocent face and sweet smile just melts my heart each time i see the commercial. *laughs* anyways, i’m a happy girl today because the bus arrived as soon as i reached the bus stop when i was going home! you know, it only happens probably once in every hundred times. hahaha.

“because those who matters won’t mind and those who minds, won’t matter..”

the above was supposed to be a quote from Red Thread but i can’t rmb the exact words used; just thought it made quite a good sense. anyhow, glenn, vernetta and flying dutchman never fails to make me smile sillily to myself. nowadays i feel like waking up early just to listen to their show. how i wished they can host it at a later timing. oh, and the way they commented about the actors/actresses of the two shows i watched last night is really LOL.

start it, share it, show it.