getting gossipy.

i was in school at 8.40am today, stayed all the way till about 8pm and guess what.. those were the ONLY things i wrote on my notes. 11 bloody hours and that’s how much i did. okay, minus two hours i spent going to debrief and meetings, i still get myself stuck at like a page for more than 3 hours. i seriously am so screwed for ethics. i just can’t treat it like a story book and pretend i can understand the whole damn theories. guess buddy is starting to see the fidgety and cranky part of me. i just hate feeling so helpless. ):

tidbits for the day, contributed by me, babe and kerk. funnily, i chopped the small coffee tables outside council room today and we experienced overcrowding! hahah, that normally doesn’t happen when i have big spacey tables because not many people comes up. what an irony right. but all were good company and i appreciate that. speaking of that, maybe (just MAYBE) it’s the location today which caused me to be so unfocused. well, i needa convince myself that it is NOT the module because tmr, i’m going to try doing ethics all the same.

oh, or maybe.. i spent too much time waiting to try my luck on the Class 95 cash call. nicky missed the one in the morning which resulted in the snowball amount of $200! it kinda motivated me to wait for the next one in the afternoon because i thought i COULD be that lucky somehow. hahaha. well, dragged babe in to count with me and we had the right answer! BUT hmm, just no luck of calling through. i should have tried longer. grrr…

i just wanna say mornings get irritating with runny nose, making me sound like i’m sick but no worries, i’m not. hur. as if it matters. LOL. anyways, i think i get really bitchy during stressful periods like now so i guess people, please just bear with me. because of that, sometimes i just wonder if people talks behind my back too. well, i won’t be surprised but in fact, i’ll just label it as “KARMA”. *laughs out loud*

my head hurts, my gastrics feeling weird, my eyes are tired, my mind’s not working, my heart’s empty, my legs are giving way, my back’s aching, my shoulders are breaking, and i’m hating me. SIGHS. maybe they are just signs to get me to bed but i so need my parents home right now. argh. omigosh, i just typed a whole load of nonsense but i STILL can’t help feeling so whiny! maybe i should just lock up this entry….

finally cleared it away.