i want to break free

with sis at home. had a pretty packed day. well, actually just two things on my list but they already drained off all my energy. i reckon i’ll go to bed soon after finishing up this post. have been sleeping real early these days. well, not the 10pm kind but usually just minutes after the clock strikes 12am. used to be able to stay up till 3 or 4am yet not feeling a bit of tiredness. probably, what i’m experiencing now is more normal..

mugging with study buddy at ngee ann today was pretty good. i think it was at least 5 times more productive than the 11-hours session yesterday. anyways, she’s been eating this snack which is supposed to be HEALTHIER because of that logo. well, whether it is true, i’ve no clues at all.

matching bottles, stationery pouches and muji pens. heh. reinstated study buddy yea? oh anyways, was having breakfast with my parents this morning before heading down to school. i just thought i got my 口是心非 genes from my daddy.. that’s how our conversation (directly translated) went..

mummy: so you gonna send ah hui (me) to school?
daddy: she very pretty meh? send her to school.. drop her at MRT station.
me: huh…… which MRT? ):
daddy: jurong east loh.
me: orhhhhhh okay loh…..
*realised the car going onto the expressway towards school*
me: mummy, i realised, i’m quite pretty leh!
mummy & daddy: ?
me: you see.. i’m pretty that’s why daddy’s sending me to school! heh.
*upon reaching school*
mummy: ya loh, so pretty hor, even send you to the doorstep.
all of us: *laughs out loud*

in any case, i so love my daddy because he just dotes on me. heh. he sent us over to Parc Oasis for couz’s birthday and picked up us from there too. saves us from all the traveling although there’s a straight bus and we’re just a couple of stops away. (:

and pretty couz is turning 21! advanced celebration. anyways, i think it’s really hard to host a big party like this. even harder to manage and not neglect any of the many many different groups of friends. which is why, i always wished ALL my friends know ALL my other friends. well, guess i’m going to go through more parties this year before my turn comes. i suppose i’ll just try to decide along the way whether i am going to organise and have one for myself because it just seems like too much a hassle.. hmms….

the relatives that were present. oh, and i realised my hair is damn short and thick. *shrugs* on a side note, the weather was really really bad today. i wonder what the temperature was because i almost melted in it. having lived at my current place for almost 15 years, i am so sure this is the first time i bathed without turning on the heater. that’s how bad it was..

hooked to you.