most of the time, the hardest thing to do is
to convince myself

some things are indeed important while some things really shouldn’t matter. exams are the priorities now; any other plans or thoughts or whatsoever CAN wait. but, saying is so easy; doing is hard. i just hate the feeling of not being firm enough to do command my heart to follow my mind. i detest the feeling of thinking of all the whatever would have been, should have been or is going to be.. maybe for starters, i should just get away and isolate myself, away from the internet and place full concentration on the notes. hopefully by not searching, not trying, not looking, not guessing, not wondering, not knowing and not waiting, things will be better. WELL, so if i don’t blog for the next couple of days, it’ll mean that i’ve successfully convinced myself. hur. till then, we shall see..

on a side note, sometimes going to work is also a form of releasing stress. just, spare me from all the difficult customers tmr please! i’m going to pamper myself and gain some weight for the last time before exams commence in 4 days’ time.. (: