that moment.

it’s currently darkness at SIM now so i suppose the only way i can spend time is with my laptop. anyways, i almost lost my life, or rather, at least half of my life yesterday. idk what was wrong with me either; was so lost in my own world of thoughts that i actually crossed the road when the other side of the traffic light turned green. was still wondering why the cars were moving towards me when i got my senses back. quickly made my way back to safety and i reckon the people around there must have thought i was crazy to walk into the traffic with the vehicles approaching. hur. and to be honest, i was pretty traumatized, i couldnt think straight for the entire journey to work. *laughs* thinking back, if the cars were to be faster or i were to be slower for a couple of seconds, the traffic light in front of my block would have been an accident scene..

a great day at work yesterday and i must say boss is really very sweet. i was just mentioning about celebrating my 21st birthday in December and he suggested he can help me prepare the cake. thought he was kidding when he said he’ll make me one to try out first but he actually meant it! he even carried his super-heavy mixer (or whatever you call it) to Roma’s and went off to buy all the ingredients during lunch time.

so yup, we he made the cake in the evening when it wasn’t that crowded and it was fantastic. the aroma that flowed out, i’m sure it made the customers curious about what was in store. lols.

and that is our final masterpiece! erm erm ermmm.. that four ugly shit-lookalike dots at the corner are done by me. hur. guess my next biggest contribution is.. to eat them up. heh.

johnson and friends celebrated one of their friends birthday and we (staff) had a share of their ice cream cake as well. i would say it was a good day spent after the bad incident in the morning. on a side note, i think we really should treasure our lives because you never know what will happen the next moment. (:

i wanted to call somebody i could cry to but i scroll through my phonebook and thought of no one. suddenly, i felt so alone. but glad, i’m glad i had sis and her simple replies actually made me feel touched. thankyous.