more time wouldn’t help.

babe’s pick of yan yan biscuit today. but how? it’s so untrue. untrue for cash call, untrue for exams. *shakes head* talking about the latter, the paper was really extremely chui-ed today. i think it’s the worst paper i ever had in these couple of years. i’ve never felt so hopeless in a paper before. didn’t expect marcom to be like that. now, i just hope the following 3 papers will shed some light. sighs.. and i’m currently using the duper slow desktop because my laptop crashed on me 2 days ago. i wonder if it’s a good time (because it saves me from distractions) or a bad time (because it distracts me even further). been trying to revive it but to no avail. can’t even back up stuff from firefox because it seems to trigger the blue-screen more than anything else. hopefully a reformat can bring it back to life..

council room has been my 2nd home for the past couple of days. did i mention that i gave up chopping tables at the lounge? i drove to school on Tuesday (yes, which means reaching school at 7am), getting to witness a scene that totally shocked and turned me off. there were actually people QUEUING outside the lounge at 7.45am or even earlier. *faints* now, i’m so so so glad that we have kerk to open up the room for us because then, i don’t have to fight with those crazy people for a space to study..

oh btw, thankyou my dear dancing partner for treating us to these verydelicious muffins from tanjong pagar. i think i had the fullest lunch and snack time in school on that very day. sent buddy home after that and i got a big scare out of my life. it made me decide not to drive for at least this couple of days because i was kinda semi-traumatized. shall spare the details cos it serves no purpose here anyways. hahaha.

and yups, talking about cash call. the Class 95 Canon cash call thingy has been one of our favourite past times for the past few days too. hahah, idk when or who it started from but it just gets exciting when all of us pause in unity for that few seconds in silence to listen to the camera clicks, then trying our bitchest hardest to get through the ever-engaged phone line. already, the frequency of the number 66911950 being dialed is so high that my phone’s call log cannot even keep track. *laughs* but the best response we got was the endless number of apologies we get from the operator..

alright, talk about being lucky, i actually managed to call through on Tuesday night! cos my laptop crashed and i had nothing to do, just happened to try my luck and hohoho, i got a hundred bucks richer. i must say i was really stunned when yaz greeted me with “Class 95, hello!” because it was honestly the first time in my life being that lucky. anyways, i think human beings are greedy by nature. although i won a hundred, i wished it was two hundred or more instead! and then the continuous trying just carries on.. i’m like a loyal, or rather, hooked listener of Class 95 now. *laughs*

a random shot of the characters on the tables to show kerk the quality of my 5mp omnia. to be honest, other than the blinding flash, i’ve nothing much to complain about the quality of the pictures taken with it. (:

last but not least, a treat to pamper ourselves after the bloody marcom paper which killed all my brain cells, mood, and entire energy. thankyou kerk for that! (: well, i was really REALLY depressed throughout the entire 2 hours plus in the exam hall. i’m just keeping my fingers crossed that i won’t have to repeat this module next semester. !@#^!&#~@# okays. this shall be the last time i’m talking about the paper. rar.

rights, couldn’t get myself in the mood to start revision for AMCA just now and i reckon i won’t have it too later on in the night. i guess i’d just have an early night and let the mugging continue tmr. oh btw, it was such a coincidence that wei sin and his friends happened to stop by the SIM bus stop earlier on to drop off their friend from their IPPT at maju. he was calling out to me from the car but i didn’t recognise him. then, they were kind enough to actually stop by the road side further up while he called me on my phone. so yups, i was offered a free ride home since it was on the way. thinking back, it was pretty weird to actually hitch a ride from a stranger but back then, i was too tired to even think. still, THANKYOU so much to the guys whom i, oops, already forgot the names. in any case, they won’t get to read this but i just wanna say that sometimes, good things do happen to neutralise the bad ones.. God is pretty fair after all. right? *smiles*

a beginning or an end?