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i hate emo shit.

headed down to school on Monday for the orientation briefing before brother drove us out to pack supper and back to his house to chill. supposed to be some random mahjong session but my eyes got glued to the TV screen showing Space Jam instead. i used to like love that movie a lot a lot. so yea, only left for home when the show ended like… half past 1am? *laughs*

chilling out and spending money..


mixed feelings.

headed down to parklane with the guys last night to play L4D. were like trapped on a dangerous car in the traffic jam at town for quite some time. the ride was like hell but no other choices since it’s the only transport we can get. LOL. that is yong beng for you. heh. anyways, all the LAN shops were so packed we waited for about an hour before we got to play. since there was only 4 of us, didn’t manage to play versus so we tried the hospital map..

kill zombies.

Bad sem

i just want to cry out loud.

spent 9 hours re-typing my notes for ethics and i actually thought i knew most things about these three thinkers pretty well enough for the paper. but sigh, the paper really startled me. the questions were all so TOO specific that you just KNOW, or DON’T KNOW the answers. there was no way you could crap them out. plus, he set the word limits like.. less than 30, 45, 170 words for the answers and you JUST know if you’ll get that 10 marks or not. within 30 minutes, i walked out of the exam hall. sigh, i must say, i’m defeated in all 3 wars so far; just hope the last one will be better. ):

after paper.

Of webcam

mugging hard?

and that’s what makes a boring mugging day less boring. sis was playing with her webcam in front of me, so i decided to join in. guess we both looked too chui without make up? hahah, cos somehow, when i couped these photos from her blog, they are all photoshopped already. maybe i should try to steal the originals to post on facebook. *laughs* in any case, selected few to illustrate how bored we both were..

webcam craze.


no action, talk only.

met up with my ethics groupies for projects in the morning. think we spent more time photoboothing than working. *laughs* anyways, this is the only module which i’m in a different project group as babe. funny enough, we were sitting like just a few tables away from each other today and most of our common friends gave me the puzzled look each time they go up the escalator pass me, like they can’t understand why we are separated. haha.

i want, i want.


i will figure..

it’s been a busy week! after bumming around the house for a day, lazy tsehwee has finally decided to get down to blog about the past week. *laughs* updates will be done shortly below this sticky entry in the following sequence, latest on top:

  • Mon – Tues: Horror night + KTV
  • Wed – Fri: Council chalet
  • Fri: DAZ meet up
  • Sat: BookFest @ Suntec

could have done this earlier but i was waiting to get hold of more photos, then there were commitments to my most recent addicts that distracted me..

spent my time on..

Clicks for you

haven’t been catching soccer matches ever since daddy unsubscribed from the sports channels. but of course, i’m still updated by the media! heh. my dear steven gerrard stunned everyone again with his stoppage time goal which led to the reds’ victory! (:

anyways, just got back from brother’s 21st birthday party. photos will be up soon IF i ever get hold of them. sorry for not fetching anyone on my little boy because it was raining and i really am not confident in taking any passengers. hahaha. say i’m lousy but after so long, i admit that i am still NOT zai. can you imagine? i can’t even remember where i parked my car. LOL, but okay lah. i managed to find it pretty soon.. hahaha.

rights, and if you are bored, have nothing to do, or feel like racking your brains a little, try this game – Fantastic Contraption. i was kinda stucked at stage 10 this afternoon, and haven’t got time to try already. if you do solve it, let me know! lastly, this is another read that can make you tear.. i remember reading it like few months back and my heart really went out for this couple. came across it again these few days and i realised, the pain is still there. feel; the love of parents….

Ace attorney

after about 2 months of on & off playing, i’ve finally completed the game – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. at the last episode, all the queries of previously unknown facts are revealed one by one. it is really interesting to see how everything make sense after all the broken links are rematched. the storyline is drafted out quite perfectly though the game is a little wordy throughout. in any case, i love it!

was wiki-ing about the game and i realised there are 3 Ace Attorney games prior to the one i’ve completed. (click here) and boy, am i glad.. afterall, it’s the only game so far that has kept me playing the NDS. so yup, i’m starting on my new episode of the first game – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. i reckon that the 3 games will be enough to keep me company for a couple of weeks, if not months. meanwhile, i’ve downloaded and am still looking for similar games. do let me know if you have any to intro alrights? *smiles


i was reading reader’s digest for the whole day. so digested i almost fell asleep. maybe you’d envy me for being so free at work but honestly, i wished i was busier. at least time will pass faster & more meaningfully.

last episode of just in singapore is damn messy. everything just kinda lumped together and ended very abruptly. but well.. at least the love story of fiona & chengxi, although typical, is still sweet! (except the irritating part where they argued about “我知道” and “你不知道”. LOL) on another note, i wonder if the truth will be a nice show to catch.

and there’s a new game on viwawa!

this space is seriously lacking of pictures! hopefully i can bring in some over the weekends with my new love. anyways, i’ve decided not to post pictures of them anymore because i get to change one almost every week and soon, it’s going to be something confidential. (:

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