after about 2 months of on & off playing, i’ve finally completed the game – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. at the last episode, all the queries of previously unknown facts are revealed one by one. it is really interesting to see how everything make sense after all the broken links are rematched. the storyline is drafted out quite perfectly though the game is a little wordy throughout. in any case, i love it!

was wiki-ing about the game and i realised there are 3 Ace Attorney games prior to the one i’ve completed. (click here) and boy, am i glad.. afterall, it’s the only game so far that has kept me playing the NDS. so yup, i’m starting on my new episode of the first game – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. i reckon that the 3 games will be enough to keep me company for a couple of weeks, if not months. meanwhile, i’ve downloaded and am still looking for similar games. do let me know if you have any to intro alrights? *smiles