no action, talk only.

met up with my ethics groupies for projects in the morning. think we spent more time photoboothing than working. *laughs* anyways, this is the only module which i’m in a different project group as babe. funny enough, we were sitting like just a few tables away from each other today and most of our common friends gave me the puzzled look each time they go up the escalator pass me, like they can’t understand why we are separated. haha.

been reading up and researching on stuffs so irrelevant to projects but as usual, i can’t help typing the terms into the search bar each time i think of them. like, i can’t sleep without solving all the questions i have in my head.

downloaded the ROM for this game after seeing the ad at Bugis MRT yesterday. didn’t know the game is like out already and i so wanna play it! but sighs, went to search for the NDS last night and i couldn’t find it anywhere. seriously, i cannot recall where i last left it so hopefully, it’ll appear by itself again when i’m not looking for it anymore. well, things always happen this way, don’t they? just like how my vivitar came back into action.. HMM…

and talking about advertisements, there was the SONY roadshow at Bugis and this super mini netbook totally caught my eye. the thing i like about their laptops is that they always have it in my favourite colour. but nah, i just thought the P series is damn cute because it’s like 8-inch only and it’s so tiny. but of course, cute is cute, i don’t think it’s of much use. haha.

with my laptop having so much trouble on hand, i am starting to consider options for a new one. but then again, i always do such entries on what i wanna get but i’ve never really carried the purchase out. reason being, i can’t afford them. i have to say that the MacBook i wanna get is like not expensive at all compared to all other alternatives but still, even if i throw all my savings in, it’s not enough. sighs.

then again, thinking about having to change the whole operating system which will need a lot of getting used to, i thought the catchy white Vaio CS is a better choice. just that it’s a little bigger in size and the battery life doesn’t last as long as the former. guess the 5 hours battery life and the photobooth thingy are the only reasons why i’m attracted to the Mac.

for now, as i’ve always been saying, just hope my 4-years old little acer love can last me till December, if not, at least till the end of this semester. i really cannot imagine losing all the stuffs especially the projects although i’ve been constantly backing them up on my thumbdrive. and, as much as i’m afraid to lose them, i just can’t find the motivation to back up other miscellaneous stuff like pictures, videos and musics into my hard disk.

the previous weeks were spent reading up on lomo cameras and stuff. like the interest in them suddenly strike me AGAIN after getting sasa her fisheye. was thinking of getting a Coloursplash but i thought the Holga 135 Black Corner was more attractive. can easily get it at like 70 odd dollars but i’ll need to purchase some accessories to come with it as well.

the flash is like very much neccessary, and i like this version because i could do coloursplash with it. then, the tunnel vision lens is really pretty too although i don’t know if it’s available locally. but the thing about all these is that, you never know how your pictures will turn out until you get the films developed. and yes, rolls of films and developing plus scanning may seem cheap individually, but think. accumulate all of them and it’s really costly. in addition, each roll of film you spend experimenting is money gone. well well, before i can decide whether to invest in these lovelies, maybe i need to consider if i have to time and disposable cash to spare.

maybe, just maybe, i should save a few hundred dollars more and get a digital one instead. ain’t this green gadget just so pretty? ): well oh well, i guess the reality right now is to get my ass back to projects instead of drooling over all these eyecandies. hahaha.

$3k is enough.