skipped class today to tidy up some loose parts of the reports. nothing much constructive done; can’t imagine what it’ll be like if the deadline wasn’t extended to Saturday. oh well. at least now we’ve one more extra day! it’s 11 more days before i gain freedom from the deadlines. endure! anyways, was pretty amazed to see bueno white at the stalls so i bought a packet for lunch. heh. i thought it was a new thing when i saw it in Taiwan, didn’t know Singapore has it too..

continued with the projects alone while the rest went for class and waited for dearie ting to arrive. finally finally, she has submitted the application form for the course in the upcoming semester. spent some time talking to her but it seems like she’s still pretty undecided on whether to enrol for BBMKG or BBMFT. whichever the case, she’ll be joining me in school next semester onwards and yes, i am thrilled! *beams*

had a little stroll around West Mall before dinner with her and i learnt from her about the free renting of movies at PLAY! machine. been long since i last visited that red buddy and poof! i got the Spiderman 3 DVD from the robot. heh. rented it for my parents because i’ve already caught the show. it beats having them search for shows on PPS and wait for it to load, right? (:

one look, five seconds, ten steps; my heart weakened by a quarter bit. didn’t know i can still be that weak. gosh. anyways, taken too much time off, procrastination should get out of my dictionary. time to push a little harder..

“a woman’s heart is weaker than her flesh.”