BSCS; my nightmare for weeks.

AMCA project finally down! HEH. so glad, so relieved, so happy; i think i can just slack around and celebrate the entire day BUT, the schedule is reminding me that there are THREE more projects to be done. argh. anyways, hopefully printing and compiling goes well and we’ll hand our potential-HD project up tmr. *laughs*cheers to all my teamies! (:

supposed to be at the movies with sis right now but because of the lightning and thunder just now, we didn’t. thought it was going to rain but, what a hoax. oh wells. oh, and just now, i was whining about my dying laptop and mummy actually offered to buy me one! *beams in delight* but maybe, she’ll just sponsor me $1k because that’s the price she was expecting. still, it’s better than nothing! i can always earn the balance myself.. but but but, it’s going to be such an advanced 21st present which, i don’t feel like claiming right now. hahah.

on a side note, my fingers cramped for half an hour just now after writing 4 pages in my diary earlier on. guess it’s been long since i wrote so much. i almost forgot i had another avenue, my diary, to confide in. so needed it.. sometimes, i don’t know if i should smile or cry.

i’m trying not to be bothered.