mugging hard?

and that’s what makes a boring mugging day less boring. sis was playing with her webcam in front of me, so i decided to join in. guess we both looked too chui without make up? hahah, cos somehow, when i couped these photos from her blog, they are all photoshopped already. maybe i should try to steal the originals to post on facebook. *laughs* in any case, selected few to illustrate how bored we both were..

the love for my PENS.

i was merely her background. heh.


i tried catching her from the back.

and acted like some horrifying characters?

joined in at the front too.

our affair with specs; oh, mine’s fake, hers is real. heh.

the crazy yee sisters.

conquering my marcom textbook.

a backdrop again..

and that, marks the end of our LOVE affair. (:

trying to be a good girl these days. although i didn’t make my way to school away from all the distractions, i managed to refrain myself from touching the laptop for as long as i can. just kept it away until i think i wrote enough notes for the day. maybe, i can really mug at home this sem. heh.

but still, this is my love each time i turn on my laptop. it’s quite routine cos if not this, i’ll be on the QVOD player, watching dramas from tom365. and yups, that was how i spend my everyday for the past couple of days. heh.

just got home from amelia’s 21st about an hour ago and i’m STILL pretty high on chivas. hur. and this is the only super-overexposed picture i have for the night, taken on the car. shall wait for babe and rene to upload them before i do a proper update on her party. anyways, thankyou tanyongbeng for driving us to and fro although we got kinda lost, felt like being on a stunt car, risked our lives, screamed a little, and had a ride of our life. HAHA. (:

on a side note, installed L4D on the desktop for daddy to play. then, i got my hands on it for the first time when daddy walked away. i actually did two LOUD SCREAMS the moment i got down the stairs and two zombies started walking towards me. i killed them with a couple of shots but hell, it’s been long since i screamed this loud at home. hahaha, must have scared the hell out of my family members..

they don’t mean a thing.