happy 21st to JULIANA dearest and AMELIA pretty!

today’s lesson on IQ, EQ and refraining oneself from talking behind people’s back was a good one. it made me feel guilty for awhile that i kinda saw a need to put a fullstop to it. but sorry, i sinned again. i guess maybe, just maybe it’s still impossible to not gossip at all. well, or maybe it’s just not an easy task for me. *laughs out loud* whenever i see something, i just feel the need to share and talk about it. LOL. but i promise, i will cut down. at least, i will try…

PS: mugging shall officially start tmr. no more procrastinating. enough of dramas, theme hospital and L4D. i had enough of them all today. and i shall not stuck myself onto a new show until after exams. (:

facebook is such a good avenue, still.