i was reading reader’s digest for the whole day. so digested i almost fell asleep. maybe you’d envy me for being so free at work but honestly, i wished i was busier. at least time will pass faster & more meaningfully.

last episode of just in singapore is damn messy. everything just kinda lumped together and ended very abruptly. but well.. at least the love story of fiona & chengxi, although typical, is still sweet! (except the irritating part where they argued about “我知道” and “你不知道”. LOL) on another note, i wonder if the truth will be a nice show to catch.

and there’s a new game on viwawa!

this space is seriously lacking of pictures! hopefully i can bring in some over the weekends with my new love. anyways, i’ve decided not to post pictures of them anymore because i get to change one almost every week and soon, it’s going to be something confidential. (: