update your links, people! erm alright, it’s not exactly necessary actually cos it redirects itself but yea, it’d be good if you do though.. *smiles*

been doing my domain stuff the whole day in office. with something like google apps, tell me why do i still need gmail? heh. i can have up to a hundred email accounts (@eewhesteey.com) which provides what gmail provides, and they work exactly the same! but now i’m overloaded with email addresses cos even before i purchased the domain, i have a hotmail and 3 gmail accounts which ain’t even 10% full.

i wonder how long more i need to take to tidy up all my online accounts. the things just seem to only get more complicated as i explore more sites.. i think i have 3 or 4 photobucket accounts which i can’t even remember the passwords. i shall start finding all my usernames & passwords for every site and note them down somewhere before i start forgeting them over again..

finally friday tmr; hopefully it will be TGIF, not OMGIF! and, gotta start thinking of places to chill over the weekends already. (: