happy april’s fool!

right, time seems to fly and we’re stepping into the 2nd quarter of 2008 already. i’m looking forward to getting my pay in hopefully 3 days’ time. but not very hopeful of the amount though (cos i’ve already spent more than half of it). *pouts* anyways, the day isn’t fun if you don’t play pranks on people! but well, maybe that fooling era is way over so it doesn’t seem as interesting anymore. ):

well, did this during my free time at work today. my first ever vector art! alright.. not very vector actually because i feathered the circles forming the lens so it’s kinda blur.. but it’s okay, cos at least, i have something i’m more proud of under the cut..

and here, my looney tunes collection! all copied from some ads i came across on adsoftheworld.com. actually the shadings are all abit off but you can’t see them well here, can you? *evil grins* conclusion, it doesnt post any threat to my works. heh.