the banana dessert pizza at pastamania is yummy yummy! although i’m not a big fan of bananas, i’d still highly recommend it for the chocolate! heh okay, maybe i’m just a little slow – this isn’t a new dish on the menu anyways.

and as the title suggest, went back school to squash today. before that was queuing for their SIM application & payment which took like nearly 2 hours. hmm, it seems like seriously long since i last exercised which clearly explains why my limbs are kinda sore right now. then, i kept doing my sliding stunts while playing & i suppose i’ll need a new pair of shoes if we’re going to (hopefully) play often!

anyways, being so deprived, can we can we can we go sing next weekend? *looks at wushuyi & xumige* lastly, i can’t wait for tmr! i’m sure it will be a great time with the clique.

the lookalikes showdown.

after shower.
(wu and her spoilt slipper #1)

(wu and her spoilt slipper #2)

shadows of us & racquets.
(wu & her spoilt slipper #3)