feeling unjustified, literally.

past few weeks have been chaotic. or rather, it’s still pretty chaotic now. learnt the hard way that human beings are hard to please. little happens when you don’t do anything but shit falls upon when you try to work on something. by the way, i’m proud of our little launch event done today despite having come across some mean words from the keyboard warriors on forums. (ps: we’re glad you didn’t come too.) thank you all who’ve made this possible.

anyway, i don’t know / care if i’m even allowed to rant about all these but it’s just.. pissing me off. it’s like you can try your best to do everything you can to provide the best for these suckers but at the end of the day, if there’s a little mistake or screw-ups, it’s game over for you. getting bombed up-down-left-right-center, no chance given. can’t we take some credit for trying? or are we just trying too hard? trying too hard to bring in more stuff for these suckers who don’t even appreciate at all? at times, they make me wonder why we are doing so. should have just done nothing for them, do the usual stuff and protect our asses from all these backlashes.

yup, i admit sometimes (or most of the time) we don’t have the means to do what we’d like to achieve. but just to achieve those and just so to bring them better stuffs, we create our own systems, we do manual work and we learn along the way. and by manual work, i really do mean MANUAL work. i appreciate the little notes people write to us telling how much they appreciate our efforts but there are just meanies who will do the exact opposite.

and i don’t understand why some people just like to stir shit or spur disputes because of a small issue. okay, maybe it seems like a HUGE issue to them. maybe i won’t understand because i’m not a gamer myself but come on, if you’ve been waiting for a game for that long enough, surely giving another few more days to solve a small problem won’t kill, right? these people talk like we planned for everything (that’snotgoingwellforthem) to happen. ya, typical Singaporean behavior – complain; and have the whole world join you in complaining; the more the merrier. congrats, you’ve attained immortality. -.-”

honestly, does putting us down on forums or other social media platforms make you a better person? yes? no. i really don’t know why such people exist. and if you don’t appreciate what people are doing, just STFU. 积一点口德吧~  

hoping for the best.