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Of Injustice

feeling unjustified, literally.

past few weeks have been chaotic. or rather, it’s still pretty chaotic now. learnt the hard way that human beings are hard to please. little happens when you don’t do anything but shit falls upon when you try to work on something. by the way, i’m proud of our little launch event done today despite having come across some mean words from the keyboard warriors on forums. (ps: we’re glad you didn’t come too.) thank you all who’ve made this possible.

little rants..

The 3 years mark

happy 3rd anniversary!

hello February! today marks the 3rd anniversary of my time at NE. another year has passed since my 2 years mark. time really flies.. anyway, i still remember we had this in-house survivor tag for everyone who successfully passed the probation period. but i only had mine after we moved over to the new office. so yup, i survived, and am still surviving quite well i guess. (:

yet again.


so little time, so much to do..

other than work, the usual online shopping and stuff, been pretty much caught up with 3 new addictions recently.

  1. Hot Yoga – on the 3rd lesson with an introductory 10-day pass and i’m actually loving it! still find the 90-minute class torturous but am always looking forward to the next. sweating out is good and i really hope i can master the postures soon..
  2. Fifty Shades Trilogy – near the last few chapters of the 2nd book already and still very intrigued by it, must admit the erotic parts are kinda heavy but i actually like the storyline; can’t wait for the film to be out..
  3. Clash of Clans – decided to try out the game seeing boyf so into it and boy, it’s kinda addictive. i’m not quite a good strategy player but am learning the way and getting the hang of it.. oh, and this is the first time i’m doing an in-app purchase on a free game. see the effect of this game on me? *laughs

by the way, having a long weekend at this period doesn’t seem too good. with major launches coming up next week, i just hope we can complete everything to prepare for delivery when we go back to work on Monday.

78 days.

NE Games Day 2012

working miracles.

so we wrapped up our annual games day in a flash. the preparation was disastrous; probably cos we started preparing too late this year. for the first time, we weren’t completely ready even up till an hour before the event began. other than a little hiccup here and there, everything went well (i guess). thank you all who attended and of cos the team who helped out. we totally made a miracle happen. *raise champagne glasses*

PS: i’d really love to upload some photos from our hardwork but i’m too lazy. guess instagram made me so… lol
3 more months.


at its maximum.

spent the past weekend with a bunch of crazy girls in a makeupmeltinginmysweat state. i must say the continuous 12 hours of standing for 3 consecutive days really drained me off all energy and my legs off all strength but the cold, hard cash that we received at the end of everything was all so worth it! and it was a good experience learning all the names & teams that i’ve never bothered to before.. plus, i actually enjoyed the little bitching around with the young ladies. *smiles

now now now, can’t wait for the LTE S3 to arrive in Singapore so that i can lay my hands on this beautiful gadget. afterall, that was what i worked so hard for.. HEH

PS: 110 days more to see my beau in person.
miss him so much! ):

The dark knight rises


caught The Dark Knight Rises with a couple others last night. have been looking forward to it since i booked the tickets few weeks back. i must say, given its size, i was surprised the JCube’s IMAX theatre provided a better IMAX experience than the one at Lido. well, probably also because we had the best available seats, it totally felt like being in a personal home theatre with loads of leg space and a gigantic screen right in front of your eyes.

superheroes and back-watching.

April daze

happy 8th monthsary!

went for a short retail visit with boss today but i think we spent more than triple  or 4 times the time 游车河 and touring around Singapore. checked Selatar Airport, some ulu water place at Yishun and even the far coast at Serangoon Harbour near the Johor Strait. and yes, it was rainy all the way at the Northern part of Singapore. i guess the most torturous thing was that the entire ride was so comfy yet you’ve to keep yourself awake… anyway, it’s already April! soon, the busy period is going to hit us. what a vicious cycle. can’t wait for my getaway to Perth to see my loverboy in June. (:

75 days!

The 2 years mark

happy 2nd anniversary!

hello February! and today marks the 2nd anniversary of my working life as well as my life at New Era. cliché as it may sound, it feels like just yesterday that i entered this company. the above was taken from my blog entry 2 years back. i wonder how many more anniversaries i’m going to mark here….

start anew?

Hello September

a cute penguin to bring the smiles.

a pretty late greeting considering it’s already halfway through September but i must say it’s been quite a fulfilling month so far. work has been taking its toll on me lately though. have been procrastinating a lot despite having tons of tasks on hand. can’t hold on for too long anyways; October is a killer month and November is going to be so much worse…. well well, guess we’ll just keep our fingers crossed and look forward to a good break in December! by then, it wouldn’t be long till i see love again – can’t wait for the next 18 weeks to be over..

37 days and counting…

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