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Time out


location didn’t matter, the company did. it was a good day out with my lovelies. was supposed to be a phototherapy session outdoors but it turned out being some walkaboutshoparound time. still, it was good to take some time off in the midst of projects. brainstorming for marcom was quite a disaster but i’m positive things will get better. on a side note, internal gathering tmr later shall be the last non-work program for the month, time to prioritize and get things done.

i so need to wake up early later to pack my bag. suddenly, i dread stayovers.

so hard to turn away.

Date with DAZ

time will change.

as what i’ll always indicate – FINALLY a meet-up with my girls again. our “monthly” meet-ups are failing badly and we seemed to only have time for one another like probably once every 2 to 3 months? didn’t even get to see them before we step into the new year. ): then, dearest mentioned that as we grow older, birthday celebrations become less exciting as well. but i’m glad at least previous years’ celebrations spent with them were always so unforgettable, enough to offset the missed out for 2008. *grins*

first meet-up of the year!

The very late

finally FINALLY met up with my darling DAZ after so so long. the last time the 4 of us met together was like even before i started school. now that my semester has kinda ended, can you imagine how long that is? but we didn’t had much time to spend before the night ended so it was just a short session.

ting’s BELATED birthday and more.

DAZ June

last day of June, last day of work. finally relieved of morning & evening crowds and the office melody! not that i’m duper happy being an unemployed now, but at least, some rest before school starts next week. hehe. had a tiny bit of farewell gifts from my colleagues but i think the best present was the testimonial from boss & angela. *grins* aww, i’m so gonna miss the place!

daz june meet-up!

DAZ april meet-up

this monthly thing is getting me all smiles. at least, catching up with the lovelies brings me back to life. i felt so off right then, just before our meeting, i almost pronounced myself literally dead..

well, we met up for the month on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. nowhere special. a simple dinner at a very nearby foodcourt. so, we sat there for hours, as if we owned the whole place, reminiscing about the secondary school memories. we never get bored; it’s like a new thing everytime we talk about those. you know we could just go on and on and on… oh right, after your exams, raisa! (:

anyways, i’m now wide awake thanks to a pretty hectically packed (to-get-some-life) day. but i reckon i shouldn’t write too much in one entry. so yup, shall do so on a separate one. but well, it’s soccer time soon. so let’s cut it short and hereby wishing everyone who deserved this break – happy labour day!

DAZ march meet-up

finally a DAZ outing! met up with my lovelies last night to give my dearest a belated birthday celebration. sorry we didn’t prepare any cakes but i hope you liked my stupid present for you! (:

we were like the black & white gang or something. such coincidence, i think it’s more of telepathy. heh, 7 years and still counting. seriously, we are going to do something special on our 10th year right? (:

Chalet & DAZ meet-up

after days of fun & laughter, peace & joy, i’m back! well, haven’t had time for any rest to replenish my lost sleep for these few days but yes, i’m still very very energetic! guess the darlings really gave me energy. am too lazy to edit and post photos one by one but the slide embedding is giving me problems at WP. so, i created the link and photos can be viewed here!

the only group photo taken but sadly, if you really notice, only the girls were looking at the camera. fancy me working so hard & running around setting the self-timer. so not appreciated! *pouts*

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