after days of fun & laughter, peace & joy, i’m back! well, haven’t had time for any rest to replenish my lost sleep for these few days but yes, i’m still very very energetic! guess the darlings really gave me energy. am too lazy to edit and post photos one by one but the slide embedding is giving me problems at WP. so, i created the link and photos can be viewed here!

the only group photo taken but sadly, if you really notice, only the girls were looking at the camera. fancy me working so hard & running around setting the self-timer. so not appreciated! *pouts*

had our 3 days chalet at my favourite NSRCC again. this time round, there were really very little people. just my lovely clique plus zhiwei and eugene. rena dropped down on the first day; amelia and adeline on the second. the remaining times were just the 8 of us. thus, there were loads of space to sleep..

BBQ for both nights. karaoke on the second day and the water game at night. drank so much water i think my bladder almost exploded. through it all, the craziest was the 5 of us who couldn’t stop playing the stupid hand-raising game mingwei suggested on the first night. wanted to have the death note marathon but i think most of us KO-ed after the first sequent ended at around 4am in the morning.

anyways, checked out quite late in the morning so we missed the first shuttle bus out of that deserted place. thus, was quite late for the meet-up with my beloved daz. but well, as usual, i wasn’t the last to arrive! *stares at ting* (:

went swensens for our desserts as i had two vouchers that were expiring today. had some finger food, ice creams, and loads of gossiping & crazy laughter! after a few hours, the staff there must be damn happy when we decided to leave. LOL

happy leap year!

it was a great way to spend this rare rare day. but since it is after 12am, this entry is dated to march already. time seems to fly, and i haven’t got myself a job! oh well, shall take it as a chance to have more rest. (: