omg, i’m so in love!

you can take a look at my eyecandies below but don’t fall in love with them okays?

anyways, i realised there a lot of unnecessary remarks on the internet. be it on blogs, on forums, or on newspaper articles. it’s so irritating because it causes conflicts to whoever involved (or not even involved). it happens when one person comments about something, another follow, then one rebut and then others follow again. then you’ll see a series of entries like blog-fighting. these people will just criticize one another on their blogs and post their links where other busybodies will visit & add oil to the fire.

i’m glad i don’t have such problems because i’m not someone so famous to attract that much attention. of cos, i wouldn’t want such things to happen to me. moreover, i’m not someone who can rebut those stupid remarks so perfectly with a powerful command of english like the somebody’s blog i read. seriously, if you don’t have any constructive comments or you know that whatever you have to offer will offend the other party, then don’t comment. it’s as easy as ABC, isn’t it? (:

gonna have chalet with my loves later on so i’ll be away for days. till then, take care everyone!

so, here are my eyecandies.. you can click on their names to view their respective pages. but just note that both of them are not available in the market yet. (:

that is SE G900 and is so loved for looking normal. LOL. with the 5 megapixel camera and the external storage card slot, i think it is a better deal than SE 960i which i had a crush on earlier on. both of them supports Wi-Fi, which is one function that made me buy my current phone.

the SE Xperia X1 is an eyecandy because of its uber cool interface. it is the first X-series phone that runs on windows mobile ever launched by SE, i wonder how much it’d cost when it is out in the market. of cos, it is Wi-Fi supported as well and it has a qwerty keyboard!

oh well, in any case, all of the above-mentioned shall just stay as being my eyecandies because i don’t plan to own any of them anymore. i’m not so in love with PDA phones already though having them will be a bonus.. now i just want to sell my HTC touch and buy a simpler phone! and SE is love because i love SE. hahaha. okay, i just miss using one lah.