had our 4e3 class gathering yesterday at holland V’s essential brew. was quite amazed that many many turned up. some even brought their other halves. had a reservation for 20 pax and eventually we filled the spaces up. the place was nice to chill but not very comfy for us wearing skirts. went to this bar after that for drinks and their soccer match but left earlier to catch the last bus.. as usual, waiting for others to send me pictures. (:

woke up quite early this morning and went to the opposite block for du jing ban. it was my first time there so it’s quite stressful. but although the kids were so hyper that it was kinda hard to control, their cuteness offsets everything. well, too early for any conclusion. shall see how the following sundays go..

bought myself this to reduce the stress on my phone since i decided not to change till my plan expires. didn’t think there is a need for a very good and expensive one cos this mini 2gb zen stone plus is already more than enough for me.

and yea, one thing to feel happy about.. all 3 pays are finally here! but, other than these, my income is like stagnant already while the outgo is never-ending. guess most is spent on food during gatherings as well as traveling. well, shall stop whining about getting a job because i know i’m going to get one eventually. LOL. and it’s time to save up for taiwan trip this december already! (: