finally a DAZ outing! met up with my lovelies last night to give my dearest a belated birthday celebration. sorry we didn’t prepare any cakes but i hope you liked my stupid present for you! (:

we were like the black & white gang or something. such coincidence, i think it’s more of telepathy. heh, 7 years and still counting. seriously, we are going to do something special on our 10th year right? (:

i think it’s been quite long since i posted so many photos. or rather, first time on this space. a simple dinner and some drinks at arena. that marks our treasured monthly meet-up. (:

my retarded love.

the early on time ones.. (you’ll see why)

went breeks for our dinner.



the reflection from the menu.

in deep consideration & pretty stones.

told you i’ve a stalker!

and this is the legendary LATE babe.
alright, let’s not reveal how late she was.. =p

our yummy food, finally..

and desserts!

yes yes, i love my wanilla ice cream! (inside joke) =x

teasing hair in process.

in toilet with my specs. =p

reflection in toilet.

and reflection in lift.


lychee martini.

mutual attraction; everything can be said so easily, but seriously.. it just doesn’t work this way. it’s hard to even understand. probably there are certain moments that cannot be rewound. the very bad feeling is coming back and i really hate it..