good old days.

it was ting’s birthday and DAZ finally met up again. somehow, it seems like we need special occasions to have a meet-up but no, it shouldn’t and will not be that case.. i know i’m probably the one with the least right to say this cos i’m always the one who cannot make it but… i really hope our “promise” of sustaining our MONTHLY meetups still stands. anyways, happy 22nd darling!

other than cutting of cake at 1am, we spent a good few hours listening to Goodfellas at Timbre Substation, accompanied by awesome beer, pizza and fries. stayed till it closed at 2am before we made a walk to town in search for a 24-hours McDonalds. amazingly, regardless of how tired we all were, we actually chit chatted till it was like 6am in the morning. all the secondary school days catch-up and reminiscing.. it’s like words can’t even describe how much those memories were worth..

and the whole set of polaroids used that night. we’ll collect a lot more than just these in future. we are 9 years now and still counting…. *smiles

ps: this post was supposed to be up 2 days ago. but since it’s already late. why not add a few more updates? *laughs* anyways. been feeling a lot of ups and downs these days. i’m getting this really weird feeling recently which i haven’t been feeling for a long time. idk if it’s good or bad but oh well.. shall not brood over it. btw, i still dislike the fact that i smile and cry accordingly to that somebody. but i still can’t help it. yes, i need to stop the big talks about letting go. hate being so childish. hurhur..

anyways, been sleeping really little these days. have no freaking idea what i’m busy with also. shall do an update on reyna babe’s 21st soon. for once, i actually do feel sleepy. i thought i was having insomnia. hahaha. good night world!

if only i can use YOU as a past tense.