sometimes, when I get tired of myself, my life, and everything around me, I very much wished I could know the reason why. I wished I could express myself better with words. I read books and blogs, I see how people seem to write a fanciful story, an awesomewordsful article and I start to wonder.. why don’t I seem to possess this “power of language”? then again, I try to search within myself and never fail to realise how weak I am in all aspects of life. not that I like bringing myself down or simply being a pessimist. honestly, somehow confidence and self-esteem were never in my dictionary. I understand all these negative thoughts can be changed and improved so long as I set my heart to do it. but why does it just seem so hard? have I not tried? or have I failed just too many times that i’m alr too tired to? I’ve no idea but.. I rest my case.