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Of longevity

the tears you don’t see,

had two birthday celebrations in a row yesterday and boy, there were like huge loads of food. same catering for both, familiar locations too. like of cos, granny’s was at home and claudia’s was at where i previously held my 21st. both was awesome and i had a good time catching up with my couzs and friends. (:

the birthdays & gathering.


happy birthday to me!

a BLITE affair is finally over and i cannot say enough thankyous to everyone who made it possible! the whole party was pretty much a rush, i finally can uds the hardwork of planning and holding a large-scale party like that. i was actually getting really paranoid at the beginning of the party due to my hair which couldn’t stay the way it was styled to be. then, there were plenty of mini screw-ups here and there. i would say the party was not perfect at all, didn’t go according to how i was expecting it to be and i’m guilty of neglecting all my guests especially my relatives. sorry if i made anyone unhappy but please don’t take it to heart! you guys mean the whole world to me, everyone of you who came! the whole party wouldn’t be complete without you. my apologies for the notveryuptostandard place, my neglience and other imperfect stuff. hope you people liked the food, the cake, and everything else! THANKYOU LOVELY PEOPLE! (:

a whole list of thankyous!

Counting down

for the 1st time in my life..

am looking at roughly a day more to my birthday party and hours to checking into my chalet. honestly, i’ve no idea if i’m exactly looking forward to it. the heavy rain this morning may mean two things. one, it IS going to rain tmr too cos it just proved that it’s rainy season; two, it will NOT rain tmr because the rain just got “cleared” today. oh well, of cos i wished it’s the latter.. at least, just give me a dry party just till midnight.. the rain can pour however heavy it wants after that, i wouldn’t give a damn. *laughs*

can’t believe i’m still quite lost in my planning but nah, i don’t think anyone can help me with it because i get very anal as i am very indecisive and stubborn that i wont continue doing anything so long as there’s just one small missing part. people who worked with me before would know. HAHAH. anyways, to those who RSVP-ed, thanks alot! remember to come in your blacks or whites and i’ll see you tmr!

PS: please be prepared to come to a pretty lok-cok chalet and that there MIGHT not be enough seats. (i’m tyring my best here alr) in any case, just don’t be expecting some atas place. but i know true friends wouldn’t mind. HEH! (:
could be the last.

Of party and parties


my current two favourite keeps, in my wallet and ezlink card holder. thankyou fion darling, i’ll return you with it when i buy more films for my birthday. i’m starting to fall in love with these instant photos. heh.

birthday parties and more..

PD: Lost in time

be alone.

exams have been over for more than a week now. thought it was quite time for me to find a job since i SHOULD most probably be able to graduate but well, guess i’ll just get busy with my stuff and enjoy a little of holidays first before permanently stepping into society. on a side note, the blog feels pretty abandoned and i shall squeeze some time for some updates.. (:

into half of November..


keeping up to date.

with babe at Wednesday’s class. it feels like time just flew past this week. in no time, somehow, it’s Sunday already. talking about this week, have been working almost everyday and nopes, have yet to touch ANY notes or books at all. feeling so nua but stress is kinda getting to me with everyone stuck with mugging all around. oh well. and i’m feeling lazy too to get my blog up to date but somehow yes, it is now. but well, still got an urge to switch my domain to my tumblr instead.

past week.

PD: Babe’s 21st

babe turned 21 on 3rd October and we had a mini celebration for her on the eve of her actual day before her wonderful party as well. oh, did i mention that she’s got an amazingly pretty scrapbooked guestbook for her party! but nah, not VERY surprised because that’s exactly what this dear girl is capable of doing. really really great, she’s an impossible! (:

her pastel fleur and the eve @ chamber.

PD: g’s 21st

dearest g turned 21 on 29th September and her party was held at her function room 3 days prior to that date. didn’t had any “balloon girl” position for hers but was looking like some maids together with xumige as we were kinda in charged of her polaroid wall. but eh nono, i’m not complaining! it was an honour to be able to help the queen of the night. (:

white & silver and aftermath.

PD 2709: They are 42

celebrated ferlyna and jimmy’s birthday at chevrons with KTV (as usual) since they are such a great pair of singing couples. love all the photos taken with jerms’s nikon baby and the pretty external flash. had a pretty good time singing with these lovelies considering that it’s been quite long since i last hung out with them.

19th + 23rd birthdays.

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