nearby paradise.

it’s been a long while since we traveled as a family. well, though this trip wasn’t exactly a family trip, we get to have moments like this, just 4 of us, which is good enough. Montigo is really beautiful, you really get to see another side of Batam and views that make you doubt if you’re really so near from home..

been introduced to this place by Fion at first and how much she wanted to go. which is went i started reading about it. i even remember seeing the ads about this awesome place on the small TV screen on the flight to and fro U.S.

so we started planning talking about having this trip over some weekends in July. coincidentally, daddy was also planning to bring mommy on a trip to Batam and i thought, why not! we could all go together!

so yea, after a little research and transferring funds here and there, we booked 3 villas for the 12 of us. i must say i felt quite frustrated at some points during the trip because it feels like i couldn’t spend enough time with either groups and wished i could split myself into two so much….

anyways, it was the clique’s first trip together and we managed to spend a good night drinking, laughing out loud at all the stupid actions.

if you’re planning a trip to Montigo, i actually think cooking in the villa is a better idea than going out to get food. since everything (pots, pans, utensils) are all provided anyway, what could be a better way to make full use of the hefty price you already paid for?

do note that they only allow a maximum of 5 in each villa (although it’s so HUGE i think it can even hold a class of 20 comfortably) thus if you’re planning a trip for a big group, be prepared to get more villas! (:

2 more weeks.