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The Clique


nearby paradise.

it’s been a long while since we traveled as a family. well, though this trip wasn’t exactly a family trip, we get to have moments like this, just 4 of us, which is good enough. Montigo is really beautiful, you really get to see another side of Batam and views that make you doubt if you’re really so near from home..

3 villas for 12 of us.


treasure life.

so last Saturday was spent at USS with the clique. it was my 3rd time there and nothing much has changed, it seems. just a bigger crowd and a bit of CNY decorations up at the entrance. didn’t take much photos cos we kinda spent most of our time queuing. anyway, i had a good laugh on the rides because Fion’s screaming was too cute. heh

life recently..

Happy 080808

dedicated for the date: 080808

a beautiful date, but not a nice way to start my day. was like halfway in the 61 queue when i realised i left my ezlink card in the previous bag. had to change money with a stranger beside me so that i can have enough coins to travel to school. dumb right! but thanks charles for lending me his ezlink card and it settled my transportation for the day. (:

after projects and before lecture started, my group had this sudden craze to play with the photobooth on rene’s new macbook. it was DAMN hilarious i tell you. we were laughing like a bunch of mad girls outside the LT. probably the whole level one could hear us. HAHAHA.

photobooth madness and meet-up with the clique.


and the main character of the day, as everyone remembered, BBB. so how? after 2 weeks of not seeing, how does he look like now? darker? fairer? slimmer? fatter? okay lah. xumige and i concluded that he’s botak-er and darker BUT, fatter! *laughs* okay, i know that is mean. but it wasn’t very expected you see..

half the clique.

For the guys

on thursday night, counting down a few more days nights before those hair are go, going, gone, out the clique went for some illegal adventure.. with two criminals, four accomplices and 2 vehicles.

the crime

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