treasure life.

so last Saturday was spent at USS with the clique. it was my 3rd time there and nothing much has changed, it seems. just a bigger crowd and a bit of CNY decorations up at the entrance. didn’t take much photos cos we kinda spent most of our time queuing. anyway, i had a good laugh on the rides because Fion’s screaming was too cute. heh

life recently has been so unpredictable. or rather, it has always been.. accidents have been happening all around. too many casualties. sometimes you wonder if the drivers are reckless or if the victims were just too unlucky.

for instance, the Tampines accident which claimed the lives of two young kids.. there’s no way anyone could tell if it had been the kids’ fault for riding (or playing) on the roads or did the driver of the cement mixer not do his part on checking his blind spots. it’s just tragic. oh, and having the gruesome photos spread like wildfire over social media definitely didn’t help. honestly, it made me cringe. it’s like the world is so cruel, to not be sensitive to the feelings of their parents.

and looking at the way social media is these days, i’m pretty surprised none of us knew of the demise of an old friend of mine. apparently, he has left us for a good one month plus now, but i only learnt of it after seeing it start spreading on Facebook last night. anyhow, i’ve no clear idea of what happened but nonetheless, i hope he’s in peace..

on a separate note, it’s the last day of January and i reckon February is going to be a busy month. looking forward to all the many gatherings, trips to our neighboring country and of course, Chinese New Year! and yes, lots of work to do too… oh well~

last but not least, everyone, please stay safe!

and cherish people around.