on thursday night, counting down a few more days nights before those hair are go, going, gone, out the clique went for some illegal adventure.. with two criminals, four accomplices and 2 vehicles.

speeding on the almost empty roads.

trespassing private property.

conquering deserted carparks.

introducing the two main criminals.

and also the four accomplices.

oh freak. that was damn lame. i have to admit that i’ve got no idea how to make my posts interesting. OH WELL. anyways, we did nothing of the sorts mentioned above. we merely went for supper, followed by an attempted drive into Ngee Ann (but the gates were already closed), and thus, to Bukit Batok Nature Park’s carpark for phototaking. *laughs*

so yea, if phototaking in deserted carparks like that is a crime, then yes. we ARE criminals! heh. thanks gladys for the ride & zz for the trouble to bring my lost phone up to my place. i think i really slowed their journey by a lot. hahaha. sotong me left the car without knowing i dropped my phone. -.-“