a list of must-knows and rules & regulation written by my cheena colleague ex-colleague. okay, as some of you might already have known, i quit my job on my first day of work! hmm, what should i say? it was too tough; the place wasn’t nice; it was too restricted; it isn’t my cup of tea. ERM, all in all, i just think the job SUCKS totally. it was like 5 hours of hell and torture. LOL.

right, at least i’m not like some irresponsible people they told me about – going to the toilet halfway after 1 hour of work and never came back. i finished up my shift for that day, giving my best shot, although already prepared to not getting paid. i even sprained my back due to the crazy carrying of heavy boxes. so much for being a FREE labour..

with that, i think i might just stop working for awhile, enjoy student life a little, be a dependent girl and get allowance from papa until i can find a better job. hahaha..