drove to school yesterday afternoon for some networking dinner organised by the RMIT student council. almost got into an accident on the way home, i almost collided head-on with an oncoming lorry. *laughs* shows how lousy my judging of car distance from my rear/side-view mirrors is. anyways, that’s not the main point. right, was fun knowing more people from other courses as well as the council.

sadly, only 6 people from my BBMKG course turned up. it’s not difficult at all to spot because during the orientation, the BBMKG people were in my OG. so yup, let’s take a look at this! hahaha..

about a week ago.


pathetic right? haha. so adding rene and sabrina, minus weirong (the guy in black of course), that’s the SIX of us from my course. well well well, i thought more people would turn up.. ):

was separated from althea into different groups with the same colour tags. played some ice breaking games and stuff like that but i didn’t think there was much interaction. it was only during dinner time when i went to find thea that i knew more people.

ripped a few of the photos from facebook and looking for more to rip! hahaha. cos somehow, i think my face appeared in a couple more photographs from many other cameras of the councilors that i, sadly, don’t know. hahah.

the last game was kinda funny and it’d be best if i can get hold of some videos to show you. but unfortunately, i don’t have any! LOL. anyways, although i was separated from althea for majority of the session, i’m sure we both enjoyed our times alone. *grins* and i brought home more than that: acquaintances made while trying to complete the following.

quite a handful of contacts actually. but i don’t think i’ll be that free or that hardworking to add everybody one by one. afterall, some of those are really collected for the sake of collecting – i don’t even remember who’s who. hahaha. WELL, school’s starting tomorrow! hopefully familiar faces will be what i’m going to see.