3 days of school, 9 hours of OB lectures; week 1 finally ended. most of the time was spent day-dreaming, if not dozing off. but well, so far so good. i’d say i’m enjoying school if those project guidelines that’s been staring at me for the past few hours can disappear into thin air. *yawns* ANYWAYS, been neglecting my blog so here’s a little update on my life. (:

haven’t been able to use my laptop that freely because most nights were spent watching the following drama full screen with mummy by my side. but yup, gotta wait 3 weeks before the last episode will be up online so i guess my ears can be freed from daddy’s nagging for the time being. (he thinks that chasing these serials is a waste of time & electricity you see..)

on top of that, cooking lessons with mummy also commenced with my first day of school. minus Tuesday night when i was out, i’ve been in the kitchen every evening, putting up with heat and smoke, for at least an hour or two until dinner is ready. erm okay, only 2 evenings actually. tonight shall be the 3rd. *laughs* well, at least i’m trying to keep the promise i made to my parents about learning how to cook as soon as school starts.

i admit it’s kinda OLD to start only now but i really am serious about learning. so yup, hopefully i can master some skills from mummy soon. anyways, daddy was so ticklish by the idea that he kept making fun of me. but, i know he’s happy and supportive of it so i suppose i shouldn’t disappoint them yea? hahah..

planned a KTV session on Tuesday night with the clique but somehow, ah chu wasn’t able to turn up, ah wu was busy chopping off her hair, and xumige only joined us after work. so yup, since it was kinda early after school, met up with beng first. he suggested going to HSA to donate blood and i thought, why not?

was quite surprised that i actually passed the blood test despite the fact that i haven’t had my lunch. passing mark for the iron level was 12.5 and i had a 12.6. *laughs* so yea, i finally donated blood again after a year or so.. it feels good to know the little pain can bring aid to the needy! heh. we then had a free lunch some yummy refreshments before going to town to look for zz.

the little blood drop & me. actually, does this mascot have a name? :X

did some shopping while waiting for zz to knock off but i bought nothing! beng bought a cap which i assisted in deciding on the colour. you see, it matches me like totally. *grins*

typical view of partyworld TV.

the two guys, one should be in BMT by now.

my affair with green – green bandage, green & white top, green jacket. OH anyways, i REALLY need to talk about this picture. at first sight, at least half of the people asked me who’s backside or panties or legs are these? TELL ME! how the hell did this innocent picture of my arm turned so dirty?! *shakes head* see how polluted people’s mind are nowadays? hahaha..

trying to act like he coughed out blood. -.-”

had a beetle bitter MRT ride home with xumige and zz. there was this lady who actually had a beetle on her shoulders which later climbed onto her hair. so gross please… being too fearful of that tiny monster, we actually alighted at some stop on the way and waited for the next train. rights, you wouldn’t want to see us screaming and losing our cool when the beetle flies towards us, would you? *laughs*

lastly, i want to thank somebody out there although i know he wouldn’t see this.. while taking 154 with althea two days ago, my ring dropped out of my finger again and it rolled to i-don’t-know-where. then this guy actually picked it up from i-don’t-know-where and brought it to me. i guess it probably rolled down the steps while he was alighting and he happened to get hold of it. but i thought it was really kind of him to take the effort to board the bus again and return it to me. i mean, he could have just alighted and heck it all right? i kinda wondered how he knew the owner of the ring was me anyways. hahah.. in any case, thank you very much! (: